Established in 2011

James Wilcockson Associates Ltd is named after our Director Charlie’s late grandfather. As a respected and successful businessman of his era, James possessed a strong set of core values that Charlie naturally adopted when setting up the company after his passing. He was a man of his word - hardworking, honest and reliable, and here at James Wilcockson Associates we honour his values every day by giving our clients a unique service that is as trustworthy as it is consistent.

We thrive in supporting businesses across the UK with talent strategy, acquisition, business process and system reviews and HR support. We work with our clients to understand their challenges and together we improve business performance, efficiencies and ultimately their profitability.

Over the years working closely with our clients and candidates we have listened carefully and through these experiences and relationships the business naturally evolved into what it is today. We have a team of experienced Associates who live and breathe the values we are so passionate about, always looking at the bigger picture and the future impact before engaging on any new project.

Our current client base consists of SME's across a varied industry base, UK wide. 


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